Anti-hail cannon

"In an explosion chamber, acetylene is injected that mixes with nitrogen and oxygen from the air. "
In the new cannon, oxygen is injected under pressure in order to optimize the power of the explosion.
Nitrogen is also delivered separately to the new cannon because the air becomes too humid in case of thunderstorms.

Hereby the explosion loses a lot of its power. Also the electronics were renewed and are now encapsulated in a resin block in order to prevent oxidation and humidity problems.
The new cannon functions with 8 acetylene bottles compared to 6 with the previous one, so a lower injection pressure can be used.
This change improves security.

Acetylene is a very explosive gas. The ignition mechanism in encapsulated with the new cannon.
With the old cannon, an explosion can be caused every 7 seconds.
Due to the improved electrodes, with the new cannon an explosion can be generated every 5 to 6 seconds.

With the new cannon the explosions are 30% more powerful, which improves the explosion's efficiency positively and causes the thunderstorm to be under control faster.

The new system functions with 24V solar panels, which is a safe voltage given the lightning activity during a thunderstorm, and it can be activated via a telephone signal.

An air engine can also be delivered as option so the cost of the air bottles is cancelled.
There are also several types of silencers available as option.