Scepticism is obviously never far away, but recent radar images dating from July 17th prove that by means of the hail cannon, a storm line was split.
The company and its surroundings were spared from hail. It is a matter of bringing the cannon in action in time, which means at least 20 minutes before the thunderstorm can hit you.
Marnix is being kept up to date of the storm activity in his surroundings by means of SMS messages of the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI).

He can also follow the storm tendencies in the region via radar images of Meteoweb.

One can also get this information on
These radar images usually give a good overview, but when a thunderstorm forms right above your head, the system offers no guarantees, because a new radar image is only being put on the net every 15 minutes.

By measuring differences in polarity in the air, one can see developments long before they take place. However, this technique is still being further developed.
The goal is to create a value table from which can be deduced when a thunderstorm is being formed.
At the beginning of 2015, it will be possible to do a prediction of summer hail via a calculation method coupled to the meteo radar in Zaventem.
The goal is to provide a network of parameters for the user; this increases the system's efficiency.

Decision parameters

• Notification of thunderstorms within a radius of 25 km via sms
• Looking at radar images via meteoweb
• Looking at lightning images via
• Hail warning via calculation model coupled to the meteo radar (under development)
• Measuring differences in polarity in the air (under development)
• Contact with other cannon owners also yields useful information